Sep 18, 2011

The Birth of a Monster

Over the last couple of years I have set myself a couple of challenges. In 2010 I cycled 500km on my bike. This year I am still aiming to manage 20000 sit-ups (currently at 14500ish and going strong). For 2012 I've decided that I want to do something completely different. I am going to get a new tattoo. I want something really epic. I mentioned this recently but yesterday I decided I am 100% committed to this course of action. As part of the process I think it might be interesting to document the entire thing from start to finish. So guess what? That is exactly what I am going to do.

The Design 

I saw this photo recently and feel a bit in love with it. I want to get something similar. Not exactly identical but most definitely Cthulhu related.

I dont know why he is hiding his nipple either?
The Current State of Play 

I currently have a couple of small tattoos on my left arm that I intend to replace. (I'll publish some photos as some point.) The main stumbling block to this entire enterprise is the cost but I am going to attempt to save enough money to cover it all. I reckon there is approximately 20hrs work to produce the sort of thing I am looking for. At £70 an hour that is going be quite expensive but I think the end results should be well worth it. 

What Next?

Well I reckon it will take a little while before I can afford phase one but in the meantime I will be making some posts about the inspiration behind Project Cthulhu, artwork and so on. I've also got the art department working on a logo and so the site design will probably change a bit as well over the coming months.